Barcelona II

1&2) Olympic swimmingpool - Montjuic (more on that later) 
3,4,5) Exploring the streets of Barcelona 
6) A Vintage Shop - there is a little street with some nice shops 
7&8) In front of La Boqueria and me buying some fruits at La Boqueria 
9) The beach 
10) The most important things in Parc Guell ... 
11) Walking the streets again 
12) Some place - I don't remember the name -  were we enjoyed the most expensive Coke ever

The Olympic swimmingpool on Montjuic (seriously how do you pronounce that???) was one of the best places in Barcelona. Although we searched an hour in the scorching heat, I really enjoyed that place. To be honest: the corridor, the dressing rooms, the toilets...well let's say it all has seen better times. (Not to say it was rank.) But the view and the pool were really nice, and I needed some time away from the beach. If you plan to go there some time, remember to get changed in you hotel room. I had to go and change in one of the toilets. While my bf was guarding our bags, I locked my self in the toilets and it was impossible to get out. Thanks to a spanish Family I got out again. But if you ignore all that you can soak up the relaxing surroundings (not very much people there) and the amazing view.

Another tip, we got from our friends was the vietnamese restaurant "Bun Bo". Very delicious food!!! The Cocktails are low-priced, and the Sangria!  - yummy. They also have a Homepage (click!)