This is one of my all time favorite dresses. I bought it about two years ago at Zara and I still wear it every summer. Because of its babydoll-style it hides the belly, which is just perfect on days you feel a little chubby. Unfortunately this is not originally the outfit I left home. I tried some shoes at h&m when my actual shoes decided I will no longer wear them. Luckily I just bought shoes at Zara so I didn't had to leave the shop barefoot.

 I am wearing: Zara shoes & dress, h&m vest and bag


September will be a super nice month. As I already told you I am going to visit a show at Viennas Fahsion Week at MQ. An then I will be guest at the Vienna Fashion Camp, with some interesting Session. I am really looking forward to meet all the Bloggers in person and to learn more about Fashion and Blogging.


Some days ago I decided to tie-dye one of my shirts, like we did in school times. It worked out quite well, and I'm happy about the result. I also tie-dyed a dress, which I will show you in another post. We took this pictures in the morning and as you can see I was not quite awake at that time.
I am wearing: F21 shoes, h&m skirt and sunglasses, no name bag and belt


I am so excited! Today I bought a ticket for my first fashion show ever! Can't wait for Viennas Fashionweek. I am wearing: shoes & skirt Forever 21, shirt, cap, glasses and bag h&m

Simply Black

The times in which I have only worn black may be over, but I still I like simple one color outfits. Whit all the pastels in summer I really enjoyed wearing this outfit yesterday. I am wearing: shirt and bag h&m, leggins no name, shoes Topshop, necklace Bershka


Just a quick post before I will throw myself in the pool again. This is one of my favorite T-shirts. I bought it in Barcelona at Pull & Bear.
This shirt and some shorts (h&m) are all I need during the heat wave in Vienna.
Have a nice Monday!

Barcelona II

1&2) Olympic swimmingpool - Montjuic (more on that later) 
3,4,5) Exploring the streets of Barcelona 
6) A Vintage Shop - there is a little street with some nice shops 
7&8) In front of La Boqueria and me buying some fruits at La Boqueria 
9) The beach 
10) The most important things in Parc Guell ... 
11) Walking the streets again 
12) Some place - I don't remember the name -  were we enjoyed the most expensive Coke ever

The Olympic swimmingpool on Montjuic (seriously how do you pronounce that???) was one of the best places in Barcelona. Although we searched an hour in the scorching heat, I really enjoyed that place. To be honest: the corridor, the dressing rooms, the toilets...well let's say it all has seen better times. (Not to say it was rank.) But the view and the pool were really nice, and I needed some time away from the beach. If you plan to go there some time, remember to get changed in you hotel room. I had to go and change in one of the toilets. While my bf was guarding our bags, I locked my self in the toilets and it was impossible to get out. Thanks to a spanish Family I got out again. But if you ignore all that you can soak up the relaxing surroundings (not very much people there) and the amazing view.

Another tip, we got from our friends was the vietnamese restaurant "Bun Bo". Very delicious food!!! The Cocktails are low-priced, and the Sangria!  - yummy. They also have a Homepage (click!)


Just a quick post whit some details of my ootd. I decided to put some studds on the simple black h&m dress. (Ring F21, h&m dress and vest) Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the Barcelona pictures. Have a nice day!


I've never really been the kind of girl wearing high heels all the time, or more than two times a year. But nevertheless I always wanted to be a little bit taller than I am. But thats quite difficult if you walk in high heels like a donkey. These shoes are simply the perfect mixture. The plan was to find the perfect pair of Sneaker-Wedges (or what ever is the correct name) in Barcelona, and after buying a (not so pretty) pair at Primark I found these babies at Topshop. 70% OFF!! Perfect! But the thing is there is a little flaw. Can you find it?

I'm wearing: h&m shirt and bag, Bershka shorts, Asos necklace and Topshop shoes

A new love

In Barcelona I fell in love with Pull&Bear. It feels like I bought the whole a/w collection, including this dress. I found it on our last day and it's really one of my favorite purchases. You should definitely check them out! They do have a online shop, and as far as I know a Shop in Vienna is planned. 

If you like my knew Header, you should check out Angela's Blog the 3rd voice (click!). Her blog is one of my favorites and I made the Header according to her Tutorial. 

I also changed the Layout a little bit, because I had some problems with the Quality of my pictures.

Barcelona I

I'm back from Barcelona! My Bf and I had a really nice week in Barcelona. Whit a lot of walking, shopping and bicycle tours. I did not took so many pictures because it was way to hot to move a lot. But of course we visited the main sights like Sagrada Familia,  Parc Güell and so on. My favorite place was the Olympic swimming pool. More on that in my second Barcelona-post. But the best thing of Barcelona was by far the shopping, I will show you my purchases in the next outfit posts. 
Have a nice Sunday!

New stuff

It seems like the shops in Vienna have already decided that summer is over. But still they do have some sale stuff, and I made some great (and low-priced) purchases yesterday. 
Am wearing my new Mango oversized sweater, F21 necklace, pants and shoes.

Instagram #1

new stuff + please don't condemn me because of the book, but since everybody is talking about it I just had to buy it. I've already read the first few pages, and it's written as if it were written by a five-year old...but I will continue reading.

1) legs, because thats instagram 2) I want to ride my bicycle... 3) empty morning coffee 

legs legs legs legs legs
Beautiful Vienna and my beloved watch and jewelry

I somehow like the Instagram Posts at my favorite blogs, so I decided I could do one too. I guess its not the most gripping one, but ....well, there is no but.