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This post is about shop openings in Austria so this post is in german!

Die nächsten Wochen geht es wohl wieder rund. Gerade ist die Fashion Week vorbei, stehen schon neue modische Highlights vor der Türe.

Gestern hat in der Shopping City Süd, ein Pull&Bear seine Pforten geöffnet. Der Laden hat mich bereits in Barcelona schwer beeindruckt, ich werde also wenn möglich gleich morgen (bin derzeit noch im Ausland) inspizieren ob die Umsetzung in der scs geglückt ist.

Was ich gestern auch verpasst habe? Die Eröffnung des ersten Primark in Österreich! Jahrelang habe ich die Shopping-götter angefleht einen Primark nach Österreich zu bringen, nun ist es endlich so weit gewesen! Da Innsbruck aber doch ein gutes Stück von Wien entfernt ist, und ich weder Auto noch ÖBB Vorteilskarte besitze, heißt es für mich noch etwas warten. In ein paar Wochen wird es dann auch in dem neuen Einkaufszentrum in Gerasdorf bei Wien einen Primark geben. Ich werde auf jeden Fall am Tag der Eröffnung dort sein, ein bisschen aufgeregt bin ich jetzt schon.


via Presseinfo Primark

Weiters wird es ab 4. Oktober die neue Anna Dello Russo Kollektion von H&M geben, ich hoffe eines der guten Stücke zu erlangen, aber wenn ich ganz ehrlich bin warte ich bei Sonderkollektionen gerne auf den Sale.


Ich möchte hier noch kurz anmerken, dass Anna Dello Russo ohne Frage eine tolle Frau ist. Aber die Werbefotos sind für mich absolut nicht gelungen. 

Shoe love

Zara heels via Polyvore

You know, i am not that kind of girl wearing high heels more than once or twice a year. But sometimes i fall in love whit them. In my flat i have a shelf where i present my favorite ones. And those two babes you can see above, missed to be part of them. Seeing those heels on other Blogs makes me really sad, because i failed to buy them. The Zara heels are simply perfect, and although the cold time of the year knocks on our doors i still try to find them somewhere.

Smells like Winter

Although the sun is still shining, you can smell winter already. I am not a big fan of the cold season, i just hate to be cold. Nevertheless, resistance is pointless, so i already got myself some more winter clothes.

I am wearing: shoes Gate, shorts Bershka, jacket and pullover h&m


For rainy days like today, this jacket is simply perfect. It is huge and i can hide myself from the wind and the raindrops. I found this lovely pullover yesterday during our visit at the shopping center, i guess its time to get some more winter stuff. Have a nice day!

 I am wearing: jacket Mango, pullover Reserved, Shoes F21, shorts h&m


This is an outfit from last week, when i was still in Vienna. My friends know, that i am a super curious person. I always have to know everything even though i have no idea what it's about. Because of this and my ability to reconstruct the sequences of events (CSI would be so proud of me) i always thought it would be the perfect job for me to be a private investigator. And what do private investigators need? Yes, they need a hat!

I am wearing: shoes F21, jacket and hat h&m


It must be something i have inherited from my mom, because we both share a passion for mini products. While looking for some product for my super tired looking eyes i stumbled over these little friends. I have never used Clinique before, so i just had to take them with me. I really like to try out new products (my collection is beyond huge) and using those Clinique products for two days now, i think they really do their job - unfortunately i still don't have a good product for my eyes...any suggestions? 

Right now i am on the train (for 7 hours!!!) to visit my bf. Another good thing about those mini products: they are no heavy luggage.


This is what I am wearing today. At the moment i'm on my way to my parents because of a big diy project. I am going to make my own couch - whit my hands!! I hope everything will work out like i imagine it. And if it does, i will show you the result, because i am absolutely in love with the idea of that couch. But you will have to wait till it is finished. Have a nice Saturday!

I am wearin: shoes and jeans F21, pullover Mango, vest and bonnet h&m

Lazy Thursday

Two days ago, i was wearing shorts and a light shirt. And today? Well i guess fall is finally here. Wearing a scarf again feels quite strange, although I like the rain pattering on my window at night. However this rainy weather is perfect to stay at home and organize my stuff for university.

I am wearing: h&m all over, except for shoes F21 and bag mqfw


 I found these sneaker wedges in Barcelona before i saw my dream pair of sneaker wedges at Topshop. They didn't look like i wanted them to, but i bought them just in case i wouldn't find any other. When I found the perfect pair at Topshop, i thought i'm never going to wear those primark shoes again. But today i decided they look quite nice and probably i will give them a second chance.

 I'am wearing: blouse h&m, shorts F21, shoes Primark, jacket Zara, bag h&m

Fashion Camp #2

These are the pictures i took on the first day of Fashion Camp Vienna. The Hub is, as I already told you, a wonderful location. On Saturday i could listen to all of the discussions, which I really enjoyed. On Sunday I were at my moms birthday party so I only had the chance to listen to the last discussion about courage in the blogger business, which was mainly about the fact that bloggers should be honest when they write reviews and also mark sponsered  posts. I'm sure I will visit Fashion Camp again next year!

Fashion Camp

Yesterday was the first day of "Fashion Camp" at The Hub. It was really a nice day, and the location is just wonderful! Tomorrow I will show you some more pictures, but for now I have to say 'bye bye' and head to my parents, to celebrate my Moms Birthday! Have a nice sunday!

Currently craving for...

Is there any Billionaire outside, who desperately wants to buy my those two wonderful pieces of clothing? No?
I don't know why but this two Givenchy pieces really attract me. So if anyone knows a shop where I can get similar shirts, let me know!

Instagram #2

Or should I call it Foodstagram? Well these are some Instagram snaps from the last weeks. I totally fell in love with that COS Blazer you can see on the first picture, unfortunately I would have to robb a bank to afford it.
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