It must be something i have inherited from my mom, because we both share a passion for mini products. While looking for some product for my super tired looking eyes i stumbled over these little friends. I have never used Clinique before, so i just had to take them with me. I really like to try out new products (my collection is beyond huge) and using those Clinique products for two days now, i think they really do their job - unfortunately i still don't have a good product for my eyes...any suggestions? 

Right now i am on the train (for 7 hours!!!) to visit my bf. Another good thing about those mini products: they are no heavy luggage.


  1. Dieses Set wollte ich mir auch kaufen, habe es dann aber doch gelassen :-D

    Hmm, also so richtig kannst du nicht sagen, wie sie sind oder, du testest die Dinger ja erst seit zwei Tagen.
    Und für deine Augen habe ich leider keine Tipps, sorry!


  2. Schöner Blog! :)



  3. wunderbarer blog! :)
    hast eine leserin mehr ♥ :)

    liebste grüße,
    larissa :)

  4. I think you should be careful with these products.
    They were the worst thing that I could do to MY skin.
    But I dont know how itll work for you.
    I had totally dry skin and red points after using it for some weeks...

    So be careful! But maybe it works for you :)

    Best wiches,

  5. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :) ICh würde dir die SebaMed Augencreme empfehlen- Seitdem ich die benutze strahlen meine Augen so!
    XO Eda

  6. Kiels Avocado Eye Cream! The first time you use it feels like a miracle of moisture. But of course it depends on your skin if it is the right one or not. I can't use this products of Clinique anymore. They have been my favourites for a time, but they dried out my skin.

    Love, Sara xx

    PS: Thank you very much for your lovely comment :-))))))