New In: KIKO

When it comes to make-up and hair products i am slightly obsessed. I love to try out new stuff and to have a lot of opportunities. Last week while searching for a dress for the wedding i came across the KIKO Store, and i spent ages in there. I could have bought much more, but since i am pretty much happy with my current make-up routine i didn't want to buy stuff i actually don't need.

So i just got the Eyebrow Marker, i thought it would be a good idea because i am going to England for two weeks next Friday (more on that soon) and i don't want to bring too much luggage. But, i am not so sure about the marker anymore. I use my foundation first and after that i do my eyebrows, and then i have make-up all over the marker and it stops working. So that's defenitely a problem.

Then i bought the resurface cream, which is acutally an anti age cream, but the description sounded perfect for my skin and i once heard that you should start with anti age creams by the age of 22. Until now i am really happy with this day and night cream, and the smell is super fresh and flowery.

Last but not least i had to try the foundation brush. Usually i use my fingers to apply make up but since i see these brushes a lot around the internet lately i got curious. But to be honest i am just not the make-up foundation brush type of person. But i will give it a second and third chance to get used to it.