Nächsten Samstag geht der Modebloggerflohmarkt in die 2. Runde. Und dieses mal werde ich nicht nur als Käuferin sondern auch als Verkäuferin dort sein. Ich habe noch nie auf einem Flohmarkt verkauft und freue mich schon rießig! Ich habe wirklich viel Kleidung angesammelt, die ihr euch am Samstag im Wuk anschauen und kaufen könnt. Also kommt, sagt Hallo, trinkt Glühwein für einen guten Zweck, und gebt meiner Kleidung ein neues zu Hause.

The red coat

My flat iron and i, we are in a long term relationship. But sometimes my hair needs some days off, and thats what it looks like. I don't really like my natural curly-waves-something but since i want to grow my hair i don't want to destroy it too much whit the flat iron.

But that's not what the post should be about! It's about my favorite red coat. I was thinking about selling it at the fleamarket on Saturday (more on that tomorrow!), but i love it too much to give it away. The red color is exactly what i need when autumn is grey and ugly. Yes i have said it about a hundred times: i don't like - no i hate - cold weather.

I am wearing:  shoes Primark, blouse, sweater and bag h&m


Thanks to the national holiday and twelve hours of sleep, i finally feel fit and relaxed again. A long weekend is exactly what i needed to do all the stuff i like to do when i have time for myself, like cooking and do some sports. Since i already had a healthy self-made lunch, i will continue with skipping in the park (my favorite sport). 

I am wearing: blouse h&m, cardigan New Yorker, pants Primark, shoes Top Shop


     I am wearing: dress Zara, shoes & sweater Primark

So many nice colours, that's the only thing about Autumn i really like. So i decided to go for some neon yellow to shine like the leaves on the ground - seems like i'm in a poetic mood today! My new Primark shoes are my absolute favorites at the moment, they are warm and comfy and complete every outfit!


Good morning from foggy Vienna! Today is a perfect day to just lay in bed and relax. And after i finished my work for university, thats exactly what i am going to do. My week was quite busy so i will stay in and simply enjoy the lazy Sunday.

I am wearing: jacket New Yorker, blouse h&m, jeans F21, shoes Primark


Today is such a beautiful day! It's finally friday and the sun shows up again. Let's hope she will stay with us the whole weekend.

I am wearing: shoes, pants Primar, sweater h&m


I am super tired, as you can probably see on the pictures. But, the reason was really worth is. Yesterday, after a exhausting day at university i begun the journey across vienna to the new Shopping Resort Gerasdorf. As i already wrote in the german only post, that's the shopping center where the new Primark is. Since yesterday was invitation only, i had plenty of time and space to stroll around - and yes i bought quite a lot. But all the Primark excitement, a lot of Hugos an food, made me really tired. Getting up today for work really wasn't easy. But now enough whining! Since life is short, i will meet up whit some good friends and visit an exhibition. Have a nice day!

I am wearing: shoes Primark, dress Pull&Bear, coat F21


I bought this skirt in summer during our trip to Barcelona, it's one of the beautiful pieces i bought at Pull&Bear. Although i never wore it before so it's a premiere on this rainy day. If you live in Vienna, like i do, you should check out the shop at the scs, i think they did a really great job!

I am wearing: swearter, necklace h&m, coat Mango, skirt Pull&Bear

Btw, i am really sorry for the lack of posts lately!

Cosy Look

 Today i have a day off from uni, and i can relax a little. For cleaning my place a little and do some grocery shopping i chose my new favorite (because super fleecy) sweater from h&m. Now i will do some cooking because - guess what - i'm hungry.

I am wearing: leggins no name Shop in London, sweater and jeans blouse h&m

Instagram #3

on the left you can seen what happens when i have to get up early

on the left the super sweet panda slippers my best friend has brought me from her trip to London


This is the outfit i already showed you on wednesday. At the moment i am at my parents house to do some catsitting. Now i will go back to cuddling, stroking and fondling the lovely baby cats. I hope your saturday is just as nice as mine is!

I am wearing: shirt F21, jacket Zara, leggins, bag and beani h&m, shoes old and i can't remember where i bought them.


1 & 2 miss sporty, 3 Rimmel

Being abroad is always a nice opportunity to check out new stores. Last week i had to go to a drugstore for some random shopping, and  made some nice bargains. I'm always looking for the perfect nude lipstick, although i maybe haven't really defined that perfect color for myself. But the Rimmel Lipstick is cutting it close. I also took the other two with me because i liked the colors, the low price and that the brand doesn't exist in Austria - as far as i know. 

Me wearing the Rimmel lipstick and also a little preview of my next outfit post. Have a nice evening!


The last days have been really busy, coming back to Vienna and organize all my stuff for university kept me quite busy. But now everything is planned, i signed up for all my lessons and now i enjoy my last day of holidays. Have a nice Monday!

I am wearing: skirt & top F21, shoes, collar and sunglasses h&m