Finally summer is here again! Some clouds are still in the sky but hopefully there will be no more rain till sunday! I will try to get tanned a little before going to Barcelona so I won't blind people in Barcelona whit my unbelievably white skin. But first of all I need to find my sun protection spf one million. So let the tanning begin!

I'm wearing: shorts, shirt, jeans blouse h&m; shoes F21 jacket Mango


Today in a week I will already be in Barcelona. I'm super duper excited, because it's my first time there. Do you have any special tips? 
Or highly secret insider tips? Like cool restaurants, a nice beach bar or shopping tips? 

Today I am wearing: leggins F21, shirt Zara, jacket & necklace h&m, sunglasses Topshop, shoes Converse, watch Casio.


I know. This is the simplest outfit anyone could ever think of...but I don't think that this ASOS jumpsuit needs anything else, because its just perfectly comfy whit its white cosy towel-like material. The jewelry is all F21.


I absolutely love the combination of this green shirt and black atm. Plus this shirt is just super comfy! These are my new Topshop shorts, I am really happy they are finally here and they fit perfectly. 

I am wearing: shirt h&m, shorts Topshop, shoes F21


As I already told you yesterday, I wanted to dye my hair again. Well, thats the result. Absolutely not the color the packing promised, but I guess thats just how it is whit hairdye. I hope it will be lighter in two or three weeks, so I will have a nice chocolate brown color.
I do not have an outfit for you today because outside its raining like crazy. I will probably stay in my pajamas the whole day. But just 10 minutes ago my Topshop order arrived, and the shorts are lovely! So there is already a plan for tomorrow.  


By looking at this pictures I recognized that my hair really really needs to get some color. I am so happy it is growing back to the length I had before I made the big mistake to go blond - this ruined my hair completely. I lost about 15cm, but soon I will have my old length back. I'm pretty unsure if I will dye my hair red again, because red hair needs a lot of treatment and you have to dye it more often than brown hair. I think I will decide it spontaneously. 

I am wearing: skirt F21, top h&m, dirty shoes h&m


Spending the weekend basically in bed, watching tv and eating a lot of food (except I visited the Modebloggerflohmarkt at MQ) I am happy to see the sun out again. It's still a little cold outside so thats why i went for a jumper and shorts. The shorts are Forever 21, shirt, jumper and bag h&m, shoes Converse.


I am really into black and white photography, and all this rainy and cloudy weather really inspires me a lot. Once a friend of mine said, that my pictures are always melancholic and dark. I guess these shots also fit to this title. 

I am wearing Forever 21 leggins (pyjama), h&m blouse and shoes Converse.

Dear Mr. Postman

After waiting for a month, I finally received my Kiehl's package. When Kiehl's started their Austria Facebookpage the first 500 likes could choose a little sample. And since I was one of those first 500 likes, I could choose which sample I would like to try. I already had a sample of Kiehl's "dark spot solution" so I decided to try the "midnight recovery concentrate". But, unfortunately, the post office decided to loose my package. After numerous telephone conversations and only one month too late I finally received my chosen product. And here it is. I will test it the next weeks and of course I will tell you about the results.

Today I am wearing Forever 21 T-shirt and skirt, h&m bag and necklace (new).


Yesterday I did my first online shopping ever. I know I am probably the last person on this planet, but I am incredibly impatient and usually I want things immediately. But in Vienna we do only have a few shops I really like and I couldn't find anything the last days. So I decided to try online shopping, and found some nice stuff on Sale at Asos and Topshop. Now I am awaiting my package eagerly, I hope it will be here soon! The shorts are Topshop, the necklace and jumpsuit are Asos. (Pictures via Topshop & Asos)

I took some Instagram pictures today, to show you what I am wearing and my new h&m necklace (ok, so I found something today) The pants are Bershka, blouse and coat h&m, bag Glossybox, shoes Converse. 


This is one of my favorite bags atm. But not because I think its a beautiful piece, I like it because its my first diy project. I bought this bag on Sale and then I added studds. Its not perfect but I wanted to try it on a bag I'm not so much into. Now I am waiting for a beautiful black bag (really difficult to find atm) to put the studds on. 

Today I am wearing: vest, belt, bag and T-shirt h&m, Pants Forever 21, Boots New Yorker, Watch Casio


Today I am wearing my rubber boots, and no, they are not super fancy like those Hunter Boots. I bought mine for a Festival in St. Pölten last year, and they really did their job. My shorts are American Apparel, blouse and coat h&m and Glossybox Bag.


Today is a relaxing Saturday, not that I have been really busy the past few days (summer holidays), and finally the sun came out again, lets hope she will stay with us.

Today I am wearing: h&m Pants, Forever 21 T-shirt, Jacket New Yorker, Shoes h&m, Bag Primark (borrowed from my bff)


Since its raining cats and dogs in Vienna, and I am a really intelligent person and left my tripod outside (the poor thing hit - including my camera - the floor just two days ago...don't worry I just smashed my flash) its difficult for me to show you some proper ootd pictures. So I decided to show you these pictures "editet" by Instagram. Today I am wearing an old Zara skirt, a h&m blouse and my beloved Casio watch. You can also follow me on Instagram: klaudiamaria


Today I am wearing my Forever 21 maxi skirt and a grey h&m dress (because the skirt is a little bit transparent) My shoes are h&m too. You can't see my face that much today because I recognized its not the best idea to take the pictures right after waking up. I feel like an old lady whit all the pillow wrinkles and some dark circles around my eyes. 


Today it was really cold in the morning...well, if you are used to 35 degrees everyday. In Vienna we have a big heat wave atm and to be honest I love the heat, and I love summer. But for this pictures I decided to hide in the cold forrest.

My outfit is h&m only except of the shoes (converse).

Today my ootd from yesterday was published on Instyle.de


So this is my first post and I don't really know what to say. This is my new blog, I hope you
guys will like it. You will find a lot of ootd and other stuff. Above you can see what
I am wearing today. In Vienna its pretty hot atm, so less is more. See you soon, xx